Herbs A to Z

Some of the plants listed are herbs, some are fruits and vegetables, some are flowers. There are some that are considered weeds and nuisance plants. Prior to modern medicine many of these plants were used as medicines. Many modern medicines of today are synthetic forms of these plants. Almost have culinary and medicinal uses.

Aloe Coriander Garlic
Angelica Celery Gentian
Arnica Chives Ginger
Artichoke Comfrey Gingko
Artemisia Cranberry Goldenseal
Arugula Calendula Goldenrod
Basil Chervil Ground Ivy
Bee Balm Columbine Hibiscus
Borage Chickweed Hollyhock
Bacopa Dandelion Hawthorn
Bayberry Dill Horsetail
Bilberry Dianthus Hyssop
Blackberry Echinacea Hops
Black Cohosh Elderberry Jewelweed
Black Haw Elecompaine Kudzu
Boneset Evening Primrose Lemon Balm
Butcher’s Broom Fennel Lemongrass
Burdock Feverfew Lovage
Butterbur Fenugreek Lady’s Mantle
Caraway Flax Licorice
Catnip Foxglove Lavender
Chamomile Scented Geraniums Marjoram



Mints Purslane Shepherd’s Purse
  • Peppermint
Parsley Slippery Elm
  • Spearmint
Pennyroyal Soybean
  • Apple Mint
Rose Tansy
  • Chocolate Mint
Raspberry Tarragon
  • Wild Mint
Red Clover Thyme
Marigold Red Pepper Turmeric
Motherwort Rhubarb Violets
Marshmallow Reishi Valerian
Meadow Sweet Rosemary Vervain
Milk Thistle Shitake Wormwood
Mistletoe Sage White Willow
Mullein Summer Savory Witch Hazel
Maitake Sorrel Yarrow
Nasturtium Soapwort
Nettles Sweet Annie
Onion Southern Wood
Oregano St. John’s Wort
Passion Flower Sarsaparilla
Pinks Scullcap